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Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix reimprinting grew out of Emotional Freedom Technique and uses meridian tapping to transform negative or uncomfortable memories, putting a new angle on them which enables the recipient to view the memory differently.

How might Matrix Reimprinting help me?

We often mentally revisit negative memories from the past over and over again, causing deep discomfort every time. These memories are stuck there, having a negative impact on the subject often daily, and they can detrimentally affect health and well-being by keeping us trapped in the past. Transforming the memories can stimulate both physical and emotional healing, and enables the subject to attract more positive experiences into their life.

How does Matrix Reimprinting work?

The theory behind Emotional Freedom Technique is that all emotional upsets disturb the body's meridian energy system. When we tap certain meridian points and correct the disturbance the stress or excessive emotion dissipates. Matrix Reimprinting takes this one step further and actually transforms the memory by allowing the subject to say or do the things they wished they'd said or done at the time, and bring in new resources and people to support them. It is a wonderfully powerful technique whilst being at the same time very gentle.

What is the history of Matrix Reimprinting?

Karl Dawson created this technique which evolved out of Emotional Freedom Technique.

What people say about Matrix Reimprinting

Jane G (Crystal Palace) said about her matrix reimprinting session: "I'd been holding on to the memory of a very embarrassing moment which happened when I was aged 17 for all these years (40 plus!). One session with Alison completely changed it, and I feel such a sense of renewed confidence and freedom."

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