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Cranial Therapy

Cranial Therapy seeks to restore balance in the natural rhythmic movement found between the bones of the skull and between the skull and the sacrum. When balance is restored the flow and the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid throughout the central nervous system is greatly enhanced.

How might Cranial Therapy help me?

Cranial Therapy can be very helpful where there has been trauma to the head or where there has been major dental work, necessitating the client to have their mouth open for long periods. Cranial therapists also treat mental stress, neck and back pain, headaches and migraines, and imbalances in the articulation of the jaw (sometimes called Temporal Mandibular Joint Syndrome). The intention of treatment is to facilitate the body's own self-healing and self-regulating capabilities in a non-invasive way as the practitioner subtly and gently encourages re-alignment and the conditions that allow for optimum balance.

How does Cranial Therapy work?

Alison uses muscle testing to establish where the imbalances lie and then uses gentle and subtle manipulation to stimulate the necessary changes. Much of the stimulation is focussed on the muscles which stabilise the bones of the skull and spine. If these are too tight or not tight enough they are unable to support the bones in their rightful position and imbalances can result.

What people say about Cranial Therapy

Vasso M (Richmond) said about her cranial treatment: "I'd had prolonged dental work and a root canal filling and ever since I'd had a pain in the "hinge" of my jaw on the left side. My session with Alison completely relieved the pain and I felt a deep sense of well-being, as if my whole body was in better balance"

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