Natural healthcare that can change your life


“I was all stressed up before I came to you. Now it’s all gone.”
Victoria C., Portsmouth

“I’d read lots of books about candida and they all said different things - I was so confused. When I came here it was very clear exactly what my body wanted - I found it such a positive experience.”
Mel J., South London

“The treatment’s really changed my life. I tell you, I really appreciate it.”
Julie R., Bromley

"My skin has been fantastic since I made the changes you recommended. There's a massive difference in my digestion too and I've lost 3 stone in weight. I've got more energy, I'm more alert and I'm dealing with the kids much better. You're worth your weight in gold!"
Mr Jess S, Farnborough, Hants

“After I’ve been through so much it’s good to be in the hands of someone I trust."
ChristineT., Orpington

"Since coming to you I now feel I have a good relationship with food and I'm much less paranoid. You are the first one who has ever understood me and you've made my life completely different, 1000 times happier!!"
Beatrice G, Rome, Italy

“I can’t believe the amount of energy I’ve got now compared to what I had three months ago - there’s a massive difference”
Simon B., South London

“I’ve seen such an improvement in her it’s unbelievable. It’s amazing to see the transformation in her. Her cough’s a thousand times better, she’s eating better and SO much happier.”
Jenny, Upper Norwood, regarding her 5 year old daughter, Maddy

"I should like to thank you for all you do for me. My health is on a new level and I have a sense of well-being that I feel I couldn't have achieved without your help."
Janet H, Forest Hill

“You truly have been a blessing in my life. My life has changed completely and I’m ready to embark on my own spiritual journey now.”
Louisa Von J., London NW2

“When I first came to you I never really imagined I would gain complete relief from something I’ve suffered from for 17 years. It’s like a miracle”
Deborah H., Forest Hill

“Before I came to you I used to come home from school and go to sleep on the sofa. Now I can come home from school, do my homework AND go clubbing!”
Jonathan B., aged 17, Tulse Hill

“I’ve got so much more energy - it’s nice not to feel so drained out any more”
Sarah D., Crystal Palace

“I don’t feel tired any more - it’s an incredible feeling. I’ve never felt so good.”
Petra K., Crystal Palace

“Thanks for all your invaluable sensitivity, kindness, wisdom and support.”
Laura T., South London

Your health is your most valuable possession. Guard it with care.

Alison's Workshops

Coming soon: "Candida, the Scourge of Modern Times" and "The Callahan Technique, Tapping for Personal Empowerment."
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Wellbeing & Vitality

Alison uses natural medicine and a combination of treatments, learning and coaching.
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Sessions for children

The gentle, natural medicines Alison uses can be used safely for treating children, including babies and infants.
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