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AMEssentials is a range of luxurious products, handmade from scratch using the finest ingredients from nature. Except for Safe Space, which contains water so cannot be classed as organic, all are 100% preservative-free and 100% organic.

Rejuvenating Eye Oil - for those lines of life

A blend of organic oils with organic essential oil of neroli. Apply sparingly to the "smile lines" around the eyes. 100% organic.

Luxurious Body Butter - to soothe dry or irritated skin

A blend of organic shea butter, organic oils, beeswax, and organic essential oils. For best results use straight after bathing. 100% organic.

Lip Balm - for dry or chapped lips

A blend of organic oils infused with organic scented rose petals, organic manuka honey, and beeswax. 100% organic.

Safe Space - space clearing mist

A blend of organic essential oils, flower essences and energised water. Uplifting and energising, it can be used as a natural air freshener or to clear negative/stagnant energy in a room, hotel or workplace.

Soothing Bath Oil - to relax and uplift after "one of those days"

A blend of organic almond oil and organic essential oils. Pour liberally into the stream of water as the bath is filling. 100% organic.

AMEssentials products are available exclusively to clients and students.

History of AMEssentials

Many years ago I became very concerned about the lack of 100% organic and preservative-free toiletries on the market (many of which bore the word "natural"). This prompted me to start experimenting with making my own to fulfil the needs of myself and my family. When clients and students began to ask me if I would make some for them too, AMEssentials began to develop seriously.

The result is the range of "AMEssentials" toiletries and room sprays. The products are constantly evolving as I become interested in new oils or ingredients.

Your health is your most valuable possession. Guard it with care.

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Alison's luxurious handmade health-care products are available exclusively to clients.
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